T.C. Boyle

Blue Skies

Welcome to America. On the east coast, homes are being swallowed by the ocean; on the west coast, California is engulfed with wildfire. But for one family, the impending environmental disaster is the least of their worries. Party girl Cat just impulse-purchased a snake; her pious brother Cooper is wrestling with a tic bite; and their mom Ottilie has resorted to cooking with crickets. Everyone is drinking too much - and the bugs seems to be disappearing. It seems as if it's anything but blue skies ahead ... A delightfully dark comedy of manners about family life at the end of the world, this is a masterful new adventure from one of the America's great comic writers.
NR 701424


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T.C. Boyle, geboren 1948 in Peekskill, N.Y., unterrichtete an der University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Bei der Büchergilde Gutenberg erschien zuletzt sein Roman Das Licht (2019). 2017 bekam Boyle den nach Jonathan Swift benannten Internationalen Literaturpreis für Satire und Humor.




Edition Bloomsbury. Kartoniert , 367 pages


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