DVD-Besonderheiten: New preface by Susan Cooper Illustrated by Darren Hopes Bound in cloth 176 pages Frontispiece and 7 colour illustrations Book size: 9" x 6 ¼", 176 Seiten.

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This mesmerising novel won both the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children’s Fiction prize. Inspired by a legend from the Mabinogion and set in a remote Welsh valley, it tells the story of three young people who awaken a deadly mythical power. When Alison discovers the owl service, a set of plates painted with an ambiguous, shape-shifting pattern, her curiosity soon grows into an obsession. The plates awaken Blodeuwedd, a woman made from flowers to be the wife of a young lord and transformed into an owl after betraying him. Though they do not know it – the extent to which the myth has already shaped their lives emerges only slowly – Alison, Roger and Gwyn have revived a terrible anguish that lies smouldering in the mountains and woods around them.

Perhaps the most haunting aspect of the story is its merging of reality and myth – one that becomes all the more eerie when Garner explains the origins of the book in his introduction.

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