Bound in full cloth. 104 pages. 27 illustrations by Quentin Blake..

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All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.’ The animals of Manor Farm have risen up. Driving the brutal Farmer Jones away, they set up a model society, aiming to educate and govern themselves fairly. But the idealist, Snowball, is soon banished. Under their charismatic new leader Napoleon, the pigs become corrupted by power until there is very little to distinguish them from their former oppressor. One of the most famous novels of the 20th century, George Orwell’s 1945 allegory was inspired by Stalin’s rise to power in Communist Russia. However, it is a universal parable that shows how quickly idealism can be twisted and exploited. First published in 1984, this newly reprinted Folio edition contains a series of superb drawings by Quentin Blake. They show such memorable scenes as Snowball poring over his plans for the windmill, the old horse Boxer working tirelessly, and the sheep bleating ‘Four legs good, two legs better!’

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